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50 MTB Youtubers to check out + Hidden gems

Here are some of the best mountain bike channels on YouTube and some hidden gems you might not have seen yet.

Most of these creators I follow and watch regularly. And I sprinkled in ones that other riders seem to enjoy from talking to them.

All the headlines are links to the channels.


Sam Pilgrim

Sam is a former FMB Slopestyle World Tour champion, a wizard on two wheels. And he knows how to combine his talent with crazy and silly ideas.

He has some insane bike builds with parts that usually don’t belong together but also pro-level events and adventures.

Fabio Wibmer

Mountain biking’s crazy stuntman. Not only does Fabio come up with funny, unique stunts and storylines but the execution is always top-shelf. (Don’t try at home)

He’s not only a magician on all kinds of MTBs – including trial bikes – but also a former Austrian national DH champ, which many don’t know.

Berm Peak Express (formerly Seth’s Bike Hacks)

Seth started out with MTB skills and bike hacks. Now he’s built a community trail center and shares

All in his trademark fun, relaxed style that even many non-mountain bikers enjoy. He truly knows how to get people stoked on MTB.

Mahalo my Dude

The guys behind IFHT Films and the Pinkbike Academy know how to capture a good time on video.

Wyn TV

Wyn is a current pro World Cup DH racer so the riders let their guard down with him and have open conversations on camera (rare in sports).

But his channel is more focused on rider interviews, previews and recaps with the occasional riding edit.

If you haven’t seen his post-race interviews (and the mics he’s using) – welcome to earth. Nice to have you!

Sick Edits

RedBull Bike

Full race replays, live events, cinematic edits, unique ideas and the world’s best riders. Red Bull may not cover World Cups anymore, but they never left MTB.

Commencal Bikes

A bike brand that knows how to capture the racing culture. I still come back to the same edits year after year.


Sam Reynolds

The madman behind Dark Fest and slopestyle / freeride icon. You’ve probably seen Sam before if you know it or not.

Yoann Barelli X Into The Gnar

The likeable Frenchman and former pro Enduro racer pushes his own limits and that of his friends.

Rémy Métailler

Remy goes fast, scrubs jumps, sometimes races, did Rampage, shreds all around Canada and takes us along for the ride.

Jordan Boostmaster

What started as a passion project never really stopped. Now Jordan has a huge platform to share his mad experiments with.

Tom Isted

Tom is no stranger to huge hucks and mental tricks. Also the world record holder for the longest dirt-to-dirt backflip at Dark Fest.

Trail Riding & Adventures

Loam Ranger

Information, adventures and skills pared with Ryan’s likable presence. Pure joy to watch.


One of the OG MTB POV adventurers. Now branching out into trail building and


They get themselves into some pretty epic MTB adventures around the world. Always with crazy good production value, narration and camera angles – more like free mini documentaries.

Ryan Van Duzer

“Duzer TV” is taking MTB adventures to the next level. Follow along for crazy long rides in foreign lands with his mini docus.

Dale Stone

Dale was initially in my hidden gems until I realized his current subscriber count. That dude exploded! So you may already know of his POV epics.

Porter MTB

Pro mountain biker rides with his kids. Builds jumps. And knows how to have a good time.

The Singletrack Sampler

Pro Racers

Bernard Kerr

Bernard may be the OG MTB vlogger-racer. Besides that he’s also a World Cup team manager, top-level racer, dog owner and motocross fan. Pretty good reasons to follow along.

Jack Moir (MoiMoi TV)

On the Enduro World Cup side, Moi Moi is holding it down with quality BTS and shenanigans. “Kev” is also a sneaky master of nicknames resulting in some of the most iconic characters in MTB.

Ed Masters

“Mista Ed” should be in the entertainment category. Pure comedic gold and hilarious antics.

Brendan Fairclough

Brendog himself, the freeracer, isn’t just a wildman riding insane events, but also gets up to some nutty stuff back home.

Aaron Gwin

One of the greatest of all time, the Gwinner, shares behind-the-scenes, riding tips and bike park build updates.


Matt Jones

Lukas Knopf

Max Fredriksson

Godziek Brothers

Skills & Fitness

Fluidride Mountain Bike Instruction

Fluidride has some of the best bike skills video libraries on the web. They know what they’re talking about and make it easy to learn from them.

The Strength Factory

Ben from Strength Factory is all about making you a better mountain biker. By making you fitter, stronger and more powerful out on the trails.


Prepare for CrossFit style workouts (which helped me a ton), stretching and mobility.

Tools & mechanic

Worldwide Cyclery

This is the weirdest online bike shop with parts and maintenance tips I’ve seen so far – and I’m here for it.


There are some dry jokes in there, but mainly expert level wrenching tutorials if you need to work on your own bike.

News & Gear Guides

Vital MTB

The creators of their own Vital RAW, podcasts, reviews, gear tests and race recaps.


Known for the spicy comment section and a mix of entertainment and instructional content.

The Loam Wolf

Heavy on the gear reviews. If you’re looking into buying some MTB kit, the Loam Wolfes probably have a video or article on it.


The biggest video library on MTB. But be prepared for almost daily videos – with many of the topics repeating over time.

Podcasts & Shows

The Ride Companion

Two buddies who call world-class MTB athletes their friends and chat about everything MTB.

Sleeper Podcast

Sleeper offers a genuine look into the lives of the sport’s top athletes, creatives, and unsung heroes.

Hidden Gems

Gabriel Wibmer

With that last name, you know what to expect: Crazy ideas, crazy stunts and crazy fun.

Dean Lucas

Former pro DH racer Deano has it all: Sick edits, race POVs, interviews, podcasts, and BTS coverage.

Ruso Bros

Another pair of slopestyle / freeride brothers making a name for themselves.

Luis Gerstner

This man knows how to make sick edits like it’s 2005.

Stevie Schneider

Make no mistake, this guy can shred. But is equally as good at goofing off.

Mark Matthews

Mark is the most obsessed rider I’ve ever seen. Constantly building or riding stuff in the woods – every single day.

Rémy Métailler RAW

All the usual Remy speed with a relaxed editing style and raw POVs of some of the best places to ride an MTB.

Evans MTB Saga

Evan’s steadily growing with his Mister Beast inspired MTB content.

Peter Jamison

Freeride is live and well on Peter’s channel!

Carson Storch

Criminally underrated channel with cinematic pieces of freeride star Carson.

Cam McCall

Former freeride and slopestyle pro Cam is now full-time shit talker and fun haver (you may recognize his voice from his event hosting gigs.)

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